Student Voices

Connie Morgan

Connie Morgan is a 46-year-old nontraditional student at Casper College. She is working on an associate degree in English with a writing emphasis. She plans on continuing her education after graduating from Casper College to obtain an MFA in poetry. Morgan writes, “I love Casper College and all of the opportunities I have for education here. Casper College was a good fit for me after being out of school for several decades. They helped guide me and made the process of enrollment a lot less stressful. Casper College has top-notch educators and programs to help guide and get you on your way to higher education. I am in the Casper College Single Parent Program, and it has been a game-changer for me and made going to college a possibility and (allowed me) to be an example for my children.”


The voice I hear is yours, dear one, but the

sounds form words to cut deep holes from my heart.

In August, the first harvest cuts earth from stone.

With bellies full the heart stills as the wheat dust

clings to my skin, forming silence in the field.

Thresholds break and heat sinks into

the golden sun — letting go of the day

thus far: breathe in breathe out again, again.

Looking up to meet the gaze of your eyes

weary from work, we sweat as one

in this place we call home, sweet home.

A Blank Verse Poem
Written by Connie Morgan

My Friend Tasha Who Lived Down the Alley

My friend Tasha, who
  lived down the alley,
      told me we all die someday.

I was five and she was four
  and her knowledge seemed
    not in keeping with her age.

I ran back home down the alley
  crying, dirt clinging to
    my tear stained face.

Stumbling in the back door, I have
  to push hard because it sticks,
    I cry for my mother like broken glass.

I am met in the kitchen
  with tired, disinterested eyes
    cooking tired, disinterested spaghetti.

I told her what Tasha said emphasized
  through sobs, she confirmed it
    with a tired, disinterested pat on my head.

Written by Connie Morgan


There is a woodpecker, pecking away
At the tree outside my bedroom window
He pecks, and pecks, and pecks,
And I am lying here listening,
Growing angrier, and angrier, and angrier.
I want to go outside and throw rocks at him,
Just so I can go back to sleep.
Why am I so upset with him,
Even though he does not worry himself with me?
Pondering that, I shut my eyes
Concerning myself not with the noise,
But with the peace it brings me,
And I find the beauty in his nature, 
the only thing he knows.


Written by Christian Murphy

Christian Murphy

Christian Murphy was born and raised in Casper, Wyoming. He joined the U.S Army Infantry in 2016, served two tours in Afghanistan, and finished his contract in May of 2020. He recently started at Casper College, pursuing a major in English literature and plans on becoming a police officer once he finishes college.